Sunday, May 29, 2011

2009 Passaggio Unoaked Chardonnay

Thursday May 26 was Chardonnay Day where folks from all walks of life around the world share their passion for this wine. One of the wines I opened was the 09 Unoaked Chardonnay produced by winemaker Cynthia Cosco. This new style of chardonnay is gaining popularity as it showcases the fruit flavors of the grape without the buttery or oak bomb experience. I still enjoy the buttery/oak wines as long as it doesn't overpower.

Once in the glass you can really smell the wonderful ripe fruit. A nice pear/melon combination hits my nose first. A hint of citrus with a lemon/grapefruit combination. Little mineral at the end and very crisp. I tasted the same vintage a year ago and the aromas changed slightly.

Wonderful tasting wine. I personally loved the 08 and I must say the 09 is even better and aged very well. Pear and apple are the dominant flavors throughout the taste. In the middle the lemon citrus makes an appearance and the finish is soft and creamy.  The flavor combination and aromas make this a hard wine to put down. Passaggio Wines continue to be fantastic year after year. Cindy you get an A+ for this one!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2009 Struttin White Eric Ross Winery

One of my favorite winemakers Eric Luse of Eric Ross Winery created todays wine the 2009 Struttin White. Love this blend of 96% Albarino, 3% Orange Muscat and 1% Muscat Canelli. What you will enjoy about Eric's wines is how the fruit is showcased and he will always tell you great wine starts with the fruit. Plus if you stop by the tasting room (and it's a must) he will fill your head with wine knowledge and a few jokes for the road.

So how was the wine? The aroma is wonderful with the first fruit hitting your nose being ripe peach. Next I get an orange citrus/apricot combination which is so fresh and crisp. Little mineral tickle at the end.  Time for a taste.

Nice refreshing wine and I found myself "struttin" after each taste. The star of the show is the peach and the minerality throughout each mouthful. In the middle of the wine there is the slight hint apricot and then transitions back to the peach/citrus for the finish. I enjoyed the wine as I grilled chicken breasts and legs (neighbors probably saw me going what the hell is doing walking like that) and also with dinner.

Eric you once again nailed it with this wine. Crisp, clean, refreshing, ripe fruit this is why I drink small production wines. Folks stop by and sample some of their wines today. Located at 14300 Arnold Drive in beautiful Glen Ellen California. Say hello to Diane, Dennis and Eric for me. Buy some wine too and support this fine boutique winery and producer.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

2007 DuNah Pinot Noir Sangiacomo Vineyard Sonoma Coast

So excited to taste the 07 Pinot Noir from DuNah which my friend Scott Jordan from Cellars Of Sonoma has poured many times on his TVTuesday segment as I watched and drooled (yes you read that correctly). Show of hands if you didn't know I get really excited everytime I open a wine made from my favorite grape. I purchased this wine through Lot18 and introduced to them by Klout. It was #WineWednesday and this beauty was outstanding.

From the moment the wine was in the glass the aroma of ripe dark cherry was beautiful. The longer in the glass the more red berry aromas came to the front along with a hint of fresh cut rose. Finally a slight spice tickled my nose.

Wow is this wine great. The cherry evident in the aroma is front and center on the taste but not overpowering. A hint of raspberry/cranberry in the middle and a finish of cola/spice is to die for. The finish is long and smooth begging you to keep filling your glass. Chef Robin White in beautiful Sonoma wine country tells me it's one of her favorites..... mine as well Chef. Greg LaFollette my palate thanks you for this wonderful wine.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

PinkOut Tastelive Event 2011 San Francisco

Unfortunately I was unable to participate due to an illness but I received the wines and tasted a couple days later. Cailyn and Joe the folks with Tastelive and Creative Furnace do a great job with these events and I can't thank them enough for the opportunity to enjoy great wines. For readers new to the blog, Tastelive events typically center (for me) around new wine releases/celebrations shared by locals as well as bloggers across the country.

This event featured Courtney Cochran, certified sommelier, entrepreneur and author of "Hip Tastes," and held at Butterfly restaurant. The virtual tasting was sponsored by CellarPass, Mutineer magazine and featured a blogger panel with Theda Sandiford of Austin Yankee, Grace Hoffman of The Cellar Mistress, Dan Goderis of The Iowa Wino, Frank Morgan of Drink What You Like, Amy Cleary of Wine Book Girl, Katie Pizzuto of Gonzo Gastronomy, Dezel Quillen of My Vine Spot, Meghan Malloy of Travel, Wine, Dine, and The Swirl Girls of the Palm Beach Post." A very distinguished panel if I do say so myself :)

Wines for the evening included the 2007 Gloria Ferrerr Brut Rose, 2010 Robert Oatley Rose' Of Sangiovese and the 2007 Chateau D'Esclans Garrus Rose. Watching the comments the tasters all agreed the 3 wines were outstanding this evening and I would agree.

The evening started with the 07 Gloria Ferrer (I followed the same tasting lineup) and what a great starter. Nice fruit and of course bubbles! Flavors of raspberry, cherry and citrus. Hints of vanilla and red fruit on the nose. Always a pleasure to drink Gloria Ferrer wines. Next the 2010 Robert Oatley was also very tasty. Strawberry, citrus, crisp loved this wine as well. I can picture myself enjoying on the back porch on a hot Midwest evening. Finally the 07 Chateau D'Esclans Garrus Rose. Cherry, raspberry, vanilla, the aroma was so pleasing. Loved the red raspberry and red cherry, the creamy vanilla was evident long into the finish. Spoiled drinking this elegant wine.

Another excellent Tastelive event Cailyn. The wines were awesome. To the winemakers kudos you are masters of your craft.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day to All Moms

Toast Mom on her special day and pamper her with gifts, flowers, good food and naturally wine. She deserves it. For she is the person who has shaped your life and made you what you are today. Her love is forever, and she shows this in good times and in bad. Remember who took care of you when you were sick, who listened when you were fighting with your best friend, when that boy or girl you really liked broke your heart...... mom was always there to comfort. Kids cherish the time you have with Mom, life is short so make the most of every opportunity.

Kick your feet up Moms its time for the royal treatment. By the way HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ......LOVE YOU TOO.......FOREVER!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

2008 Ceja Vineyards Syrah Sonoma Coast

Many of my followers know I truly enjoy the wines created by Armando Ceja of Ceja Vineyards. I find the wines easy to drink but so food friendly and love the recipes from Amelia and Dalia Ceja. The 2008 Syrah was chosen by Armando for the wine club shipment in March and trust me, you will love this wine.

When first pouring this wine I caught a quick hint of smokey aroma which quickly gave way to a wonderful ripe blackberry sensation. A hint of black raspberry followed by a huge pepper aroma. The ripe fruit combined with the spice of the pepper was very pleasing to my nose.

Armando you have created a wonderful Syrah. The dark fruit (blackberry and black raspberry) flavor carried from the start to the finish of the taste. The spice and that wonderful hint of earth and leather balanced the wine perfectly. The flavor is awesome and yes the bottle did not last the night. Normally I would pair a Syrah with BBQ but I tried something new last night. Ravioli made with black angus beef, a light marinara but loads of fresh garlic and a touch of cheese. Loved the pairing.

On your next trip to Napa make sure you stop by Ceja Vineyards Wine Tasting Salon located at 1248 First Street in beautiful downtown Napa and taste their wonderful portfolio of wines. Open Sunday -Wednesday 11am to 6pm and Thursday - Saturday 11am to 8pm. After tasting, head over to Bistro Sabor 1126 First Street to meet Ariel Ceja and enjoy some excellent dishes prepared by the staff. To learn more about the Ceja Family please visit their website