Saturday, June 25, 2011

2007 JAQK Cellars 22 Black Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

My last sample from the fine folks at JAQK Cellars I saved just for the right food pairing. I'm a huge bacon wrapped filet fan and nothing better than a fine bottle of Cabernet to round out the meal. Big thanks to my San Diego wine pal Beau of Beaus Barrel Room for introducing me to this portfolio of awesome wine.

Wonderful aroma of blackberry starts your smelling pleasure. Red raspberry, a slight hint of oak, creamy blueberry follow and I could swirl/smell this wine all night long.

The wine is full full bodied and so tasty. The mouth fills with a dark berry sensation of blackberry, black raspberry and mellows with the blueberry. The middle here comes the juicy red raspberry, an earthy/leather combo and that slight touch of oak rounds out the finish. Really enjoyed how the layers of fruit flow from start to finish.

I encourage you to visit their website JAQK Cellars to learn more about the portfolio of wines they offer and to purchase some for your tasting pleasure. Excellent food friendly juice or to sip with friends I think you will agree they are excellent wines. Thank you again to the staff for allowing me to taste and learn more about your winery.


Monday, June 13, 2011

2009 Struttin Red Eric Ross Winery

A few weeks back I had the sister wine Struttin White and with the cool down it was time to unlease The Rooster. The 09 vintage is a blend of 91% Tempranillo and 9% Garnacha. Full bodied yet smooth as glass Eric produced a beauty which I paired with burgers (well not just with burgers I had to taste while I grilled).

In the glass the fruit comes right to the front (a trait I have come to love with Eric's wines). Blackberry, a hint of raspberry, an earthy spice and finally a slight scent of strawberry. The aromas merry well together and I find the wine pleasing to my nose.

Great flavor! Red juicy fruit starting with a ripe red raspberry. A hint of blackberry and plumb in the middle of the taste and finishing with a strawberry/raspberry combination along with some spice. Its the Rooster struttin his stuff. The finish is wonderfully long and and juicy but so silky.

As a certified wine nut (well nuts is more like it) I love wines hand crafted especially Eric's. I know each bottle regardless of varietal will be consistently outstanding.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2009 Dreyer Sonoma Chardonnay Sonoma County

I picked this wine up while meeting winery owner Walt Dreyer at my friend Traci's First Avenue Wine House Cedar Rapids Iowa . Very interesting to speak with and again individuals in the wine business are some of the most down to earth you will ever meet.

In the glass the aroma of pear fills your nose. A hint of citrus, tropical fruit (pineapple) and finishes with oak. The fruit is very fresh and ripe.

Classic chardonnay here and inexpensive. The pear flavor is dominant followed by a combination of ripe green apple and pineapple citrus. The finish highlighted the oak aging prior to bottling. Not overpowering but enough to give it character. This was a light wine and refreshing on a hot day while I grilled chicken. Yes it paired well as I finished the chicken with some lemon thyme. A nice wine to start the evening.