Sunday, January 31, 2016

2013 Rodney Strong Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and 2013 Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

*Sample received*

Rodney Strong Vineyards the family owned winery who's focus is on artisan winemaking from the sonoma county. Committed to protecting the resources for future generations, they're certified sustainable and the first carbon neutral winery in Sonoma County.

First wine this evening was the 2013 Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Made from 90% Cabernet and 10% Malbec the wine was aged 18 months in french oak. Retail $35 and clocking in at 14% alcohol. The vineyards in Knights Valley are perfect for Bordeaux grapes with its volcanic rock and alluvial soils.

The nose screams dark jammy fruit with blackberry and plum. Hints of  blueberry and  raspberry followed by a black currant spice. A faint hint of vanilla, cocoa and a touch of earth as the wine opens. The mouth is rich with dark fruit, vanilla and a spicy soft finish. Paired with a pepper crusted grilled beef filet.

The second wine of the evening the 2013 Alexander Valley Cabernet also aged 18 months in french oak and is a touch bigger than the first. Retail on this gem $28. Grapes were sourced from 4 different estate vineyards on the benches and hillsides above the valley floor. The first vineyard was planted back in 1971 on a hill known as Alexander's Crown. The soil and climate are perfect for growing cabernet grapes.

The nose also shows rich dark fruit of plum and blackberry followed by vanilla bean, dried herbs, cocoa powder and pepper spice. Big layered aromas. The mouth is bold with the blackberry and pepper spice finishing with a soothing earthy chocolate tone. Paired nicely with my beef roast.

Thanks to the Rodney Strong Team and The Larsen Projekt for introducing me to these delicious wines.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

2012 Cornerstone Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Michael's Cuvee White Label

*Sample Received*

The wines of Cornerstone Cellars vintage after vintage are some of the finest crafted in the Napa Valley. Working with many superb vineyards in the area allows Cornerstone to make their wines from some of the very best fruit available.

Which comes to today's wine the 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Michael's Cuvee. "Michael’s CuvĂ©e is named for founder Dr. Michael Dragutsky, whose spirit and passion have fueled Cornerstone Cellars since our founding in 1991" says Cornerstone. A beautiful wine consisting of 91% Cabernet and 9% Merlot. The juice came from grapes in the following vineyards Oakville Station Vineyard 57%, Kairos Vineyard in Oak Knoll 28% and 9% from the Ink Grade Vineyard on Howell Mountain. Priced at $75, this wine will age and grow over the next 10 + years. I would love to re-taste in 10.

The moment this wine hit the glass the aromas intertwine with each other giving you a sense of richness and elegance. Dark luscious blackberry with hints of raspberry and cherry followed by a faint plum note. Cloves, fresh vanilla bean and toasty barrel spice. Pour a glass and sniff the wine at intervals and watch how amazing this wine is as it opens over time.

The mouth resembles the richness of the aromatics. The black fruit showcases the taste and then there is this splash of red juicy berry highlighting the wine. Flavors of blackberry, dark cherry, red raspberry with a touch of plum and the faintest hint of blueberry. The spice complimented by creamy vanilla and a subtle tannin finish, bring both balance and complexity. A special Cabernet indeed!

Make sure you stop by for a visit with Craig and the fine folks at Cornerstone Cellars and pick up your favorites after a sip or 2.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

2012 Ceja Vineyards Merlot Sonoma County Carneros

Tonight's wine was the 2012 Ceja Vineyards Merlot from my adopted Carneros Family. Many times I have written how special their wines and how much I enjoy them. I'm going to let the wine do the talking this evening. Well priced at $48 it was a wine in my club shipment and worth every dollar and then some.

The nose is luscious with ripe red and black fruit. Juicy raspberry and blackberry with plum notes followed by red currants. Not overpowering on the nose but a sense of elegance as you swirl and sniff.

The mouth as always is beautiful with the juicy raspberry and blackberry with a hint of plum. The red currant spice gives a nice little warm feel to the wine. The tannins are so incredibly soft. Such a beautifully balanced wine. Yes Amelia I love your Merlot too!

Check out the Ceja Vineyards website to purchase yours today by clicking the Buy Wine link. Visiting Sonoma then stop by their new tasting room located at 22989 Burndale Road. Enjoy an afternoon of wine tasting and learning about the Ceja Family.


Sunday, January 10, 2016

2013 Campesino Cellars Grenache Steel Plow Vineyard

What a way to start off the new year with an amazing wine from Campesino Cellars the 2013 Steel Plow Vineyard Grenache. The $35 price is a bargain and there were only 65 cases made. When I was introduced to Macario and Griselda's wine a few years ago the first order of business was to sign up for the mailing list. Since then I have not missed ordering any of their wine. See this is the perfect juice to sip.....hand crafted, ultra boutique wine by a remarkable talented winemaker.

Notice the label with the hands of Griselda's father Pedro Ceja. He spent 40 years in the vineyard so that his family had the opportunities they desired. The label was drawn by Macario's brother Maceo and depicts the hard work the hands endured. Just like the name Campesino (Fieldworker), Macario and Griselda as a son and daughter of fieldworkers, pay homage to those who work the fields and help make these beautiful wines. "A mis carnales y mis carnalas gracias por su trabajo. To my brothers and sisters thank you for your work." The workers themselves take pride in their nurturing of the vineyards and want a better life for themselves and their families. Humble, hard working and successful.

Right from the first pour, the nose exhibits ripe fruit. Fresh strawberries and cherries with hints of cinnamon spice and fresh herbs. A perfect harmony and so pleasing to the nose. Macario an absolute amazing aromatic beauty.

The mouth is elegant with juicy cherry and strawberry followed by hints of leather, earth tones and dark chocolate. The tannins are so soft with a fruit forward intensity. A grenache I want to sip every day Macario!

Sign up for the Campesino Cellars Mailing List and start grabbing these beauties when first released. Want to order online then click Campesino Wine on the website and order today. Sip on some Campesino today.