Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2006 Willow Crest Cabernet Franc Yakima Valley Washington

When I first purchased this wine from my friend Traci (courtesy of a birthday gift certificate) the only thing I knew was the store had a couple followers. My first 2006 Willow Crest Cabernet Franc Yakima Valley Washington was in fact very good and I can now understand why there is a following.
Once the bottle was open and poured a real wonderful scent of red berry and cherry really hit my nose. Leather, cola, spice and oak rounded out my additional "whiffs".
My first drink was definately a blast of juicy cherry and completely different from my expectation (in my mind dry, bold flavors of a cabernet). With each taste the flavor of red berry was evident along with an earthy oak finish. The juicy berry flavor holds from start to finish which surprised me for such a light wine (I'm used to flavors where the first is not necessarily the last).
While this may be my first cabernet franc it won't be my last especially if they are all this good. I will serve this one to the friends next time so off for another bottle.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

2007 Apex Cellars Chardonnay

Please admire this fine photographic event. Appears the camera operator (ahem) may have been off kilter as the picture leans left. No idea why and one can only guess grape juice was involved :).

What a great bottle of wine this 2007 Apex Cellars Chardonnay from Columbia Valley Washington turned out to be as my my first from Apex Cellars.

First sniff gave me the fresh crisp ripe apple aroma as if I were standing in an orchard. Next was a comination of lemon juice/zest as if fresh squeezed into my glass, a slight pear aroma and finally finishing with my favorite vanilla and oak.

Very nice first taste. Buttery, creamy vanilla, apple and oak. My god have I gone to heaven? Excellent smooth chardonnay. Each glass impressed me more with the layers of flavors. Apple followed by creamy butter vanilla and just the right amount of oak at the finish. I'll need to stop back and see my friend Traci at 1st Ave Wine and buy more of this chardonnay.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

2008 Russian Jack Pinot Noir Martinborough New Zealand

Well this is my first Pinot Noir from New Zealand and I will say very surprised and very pleased. Yes my New Zealand friends you make good wine.

First in the glass the aroma of dark fruit come to the forefront. Strawberry still dominant followed by plum (fooled me) then spice. I pick up some leather/oak as well. Nice color.

Taste and its wow!. Nice combination of the juicy strawberry, spice and is that chocolate at the end? Seems earthy but not sure if my taste buds are off. I do get a lingering oak taste. Keep this one on hand. Nice price at $14.99.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

2007 Hahn Chardonnay Monterey

I know my last post mentioned cold weather, snow and time for reds. Yes even I can be swayed for a good bottle of Chardonnay. The 2007 Hahn is just that bottle.

Really nice aroma on this chardonnay. First it's a crisp fresh lemon followed by peach and an orange/citrus combination finish. You can also pick up a hint of vanilla spice. I could smell the wine all day but that makes no sense. Time to drink baby.

Drink is so harsh (that's what we do with beer) so my first "taste" of this wonderful chardonnay produced a juicy peach/lemon/vanilla combination and finished with an orange zesty spice. Slight oak at the finish as well. Great combination of flavor a quality chardonnay by the folks at Hahn.



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2007 Eola Hills Pinot Noir Oregon

Yes its been a week but very busy and time for wine. The weather has turned colder (we have already witnessed the snow flakes) and red wines will be the norm but a white will sneak in especially when chicken or fish is served for dinner.

I really like the 2007 Eola Hills Pinot Noir. On the nose at first the ripe cherry followed closely by spice. Second smell gives me the aroma of red berry (red raspberry comes to mind). Excellent color and my mouth is watering.

What flavor this Pinot gives with the cherry beginning, strawberry/spice combination in the middle and finishing with juicy raspberry begging you to drink more (no need to twist my arm). Medium bodied yet a soft finish. Hard to believe this wine was purchased for $12.99. Make sure you serve this to your friends.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

2007 Ferrari-Carano Chardonnay Alexander Valley

Ok back to the really good wine courtesy of a very nice friend. I really like the 2007 Ferrari-Carano Chardonnay from the Alexander Valley. Come to think of it is there any bad wine from Alexander Valley?

In the glass the first smell I grab is the ripe pineapple closely followed by pear. Smell 2 brings fruity apple and a slight hint of oak.

Once in the mouth I knew this was one excellent wine. Smooth ripe apple at the beginning and then here comes a perfect dose of pear which lingers and then finishes with a slight hint of oak. Truly amazing harmony of flavors.

This was my first wine from Ferrari-Carano but it won't be my last. I am ranking this as one of my top Chardonnay's all time.


Barefoot Pinot Noir

Every now and then I get a little nuts, see a bottle and buy it for the name. Barefoot has a Pinot Noir and its on sale for $4.99? Oh kill me with curiosity because I'm not going home without it. Plus isn't this the official wine of the beach volleyball tour?

Ok so I pour the glass and yes it smells like real wine. Cherry, vanilla, red berry somewhat fruity. Seems to have traits of a pinot noir. Heck let's have a taste.
Fine its much sweeter than my liking for a pinot noir but actually this isn't bad all things considered to this point. Juicy cherry, red raspberry and spice. This wine reminds me of thanksgivings when I was younger and grandma served wine (the all popular white zinfandel because she said it went with everything).
I bet I would have like this wine more if I was drinking it with those professional beach volleyball gals :)