Monday, February 20, 2012

The Rooster Club from Eric Ross Winery

When looking for wines which showcase the beautiful fruit of the vineyard, my immediate thought ramps to my friend Eric Luse winemaker/jack of all trades at Eric Ross Winery. Comments like "take what the vineyard gives you", "it's all about the fruit Danny", is his perfect philosophy for delicious small production greatness. I learn so much each time we speak and taste his wine.

The club with Eric's signature "Struttin Red Rooster" is designed for members to fill their cellars with handcrafted wine every 4 months in 3 bottle shipments at a 20% discount. You can even choose your wines to be delivered every 6 or 12 months. The ability to drink Albarino, Pinot Noir from the outstanding Saralee's Vineyard, Taste The Vineyard Syrah, Tempranillo, Struttin Red, Old Vine Zin, Port along with others will truly spoil you and I mean every bottle. Receive the latest food pairings, newsletter and special event invitations with every membership. Ready to join the club just click the link The Rooster Club.

World class photographer and a winemaking genius, don't miss this opportunity to enjoy Eric Ross wines year round. The Rooster is calling you!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

2009 A to Z Pinot Noir Oregon

WBC 12 comes to the Oregon wine country this year so along with my normal reviews expect more varietals from this region. Tonight's tasting is an aromatic Pinot Noir from Dundee Oregon which I purchased just last week.

Pleasing to the nose and a reason why I love this varietal. Wild cherry explodes from the glass. Currants surrounded by ripe strawberry followed by a splash of red raspberry. Perfect balance of fruit and spice.

Juicy cherry from start of the taste. Fresh strawberries followed by a nice touch of spice. The fruit lasts long into the finish. When the wine warms, hints of cranberry appear along with the strawberry and wild cherry. Amazing Pinot Noir and one I highly recommend. To learn more about the staff and varietals produced click the link A to Z Wineworks. You're going to love their wine.


Friday, February 17, 2012

2010 Vinho Verde Grinalda White Wine Portugal

Breaking from the usual California or Oregon wine region reviews, I tasted this sample (shipped to me last month) produced in Portugal. Grinalda is a crisp refreshing white wine which I really enjoyed.

On the nose ripe pear, fresh melon, juicy peach with hints of citrus zest. Nice tropical fruit notes as the wine warms.

The wine is full of flavor. Pear dominates the taste with with the white peach towards the middle. The finish is a combination of juicy lemon and mineral notes. Priced around $12 an excellent sipping wine for the patio party or as the evening starter wine. Grab a bottle today.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

2010 Cline Cellars Viognier North Coast

A sample received awhile ago, when would the perfect time be to taste. Yes the wine was opened for a Wednesday night weekly forum called Winechat. I can count on one hand how many times viognier has been in my glass. Let's just chalk it up to "need to learn more about the grape." Informative to see the many regions the grape is grown, the different characteristics of the wine and the number of people who enjoy the juice.

Once in the glass the ripe peach and pineapple fill your nose. Next apricot, orange and lemon zest with hints of fresh cut flowers are all very pleasing. Crisp and fresh aromas.

Wonderful combination of flavors. The peach and pineapple are very soft followed by orange/apricot. A nice splash of minerality on the finish rounds the wine out nicely. Excellent wine to serve as a starter for dinner parties or friendly gatherings. Enjoyable refreshing juice.

If you find your supply of wine is running low click the link Cline Cellars to order or learn about the many varietals they produce. I think you will like what they have to offer.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rodney Strong's Pre Tasting Wine & Chocolate Tastelive

Prelude to the 23rd Annual Rodney Strong Wine and Chocolate Fantasy, a few of my blogger friends and I participated in a pre-taste on TasteLive. Also joining this evening were Justin Seidenfeld winemaker, Robert Larsen PR Director and Doug Peters chocolatier. Tonight's wines included the 09 Knotty Vines Zinfandel, 09 Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and the 07 A True Gentleman's Port with 4 chocolates each having different levels of cocoa. My first designated wine and chocolate pairing. Impressive.

We started the evening with the 09 Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Blackberry, dark cherry, ripe plum with a slight oak finish. Wonderful aroma and flavor. When pairing the chocolates I started with the 72% cocoa and worked my way down to 55%. The darker sample to me was too bitter and the lower end drowned out the fruit. 61% was my favorite chocolate which showcased the cherry and plum in the cab.

Next up the Knotty Vines Zinfandel. Jammy raspberry with hints of blackberry and peppery/spice finish. Big ripe fruit on the nose yet soft in the mouth. Favorite chocolate was the 55%. Complimented the raspberry perfectly while softening the pepper and spice notes. One of my favorite Zins and wines of the evening.

The final wine A True Gentleman's Port. Both elegant and rich with a combination of red/dark fruit. Raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, plum followed by golden sweet raisin. If you're a fan of port this one also has some nice heat which warms you right up. Pairing with the chocolate the 72% magnified the warmth of the port where the 55% I thought brought out the sweetness. The 61% was perfect and allowed you to taste the layers of fruit, sweetness and heat in combination with the chocolate. Picture yourself sipping this beauty by a raging fire and maybe a nice cigar.

Always special to sip/taste Rodney Strong Vineyards wines. A big thank you to Robert Larsen of RSVineyards, Cailyn McCauley and Joel Quigley of Creative Furnace/TasteLive. You guys spoil me with your selections. If your attending the 2012 Wine and Chocolate Fantasy Feb 4th I would love to hear how you enjoyed the wine and chocolate pairings. Visit the winery website by clicking here Rodney Strong Vineyards to learn more about their portfolio of wines.