Friday, January 27, 2012

2008 La Sirena Pirate Treasure Red Napa Valley on Cellars Of Sonoma Tuesday Live

If you missed this weeks show, Old Scott put on the pirate hat to read the label on tonights wine from Heidi Barrett and a fine pirate he did make. "Avast, Ye Salty Bilge Rats, Thar Be Treasure Stashed In This Here Flagon." The treasure is a blend of cabernet sauvignon, syrah, petite verdot, grenache, cab franc and petite sirah. Cool bottle, label and darn great wine. My buddy Dezel, virtual tasting from VA had a few laughs as well.

The nose was full of huge ripe berry starting with wild cherry, blackberry, raspberry and blueberry. Hints of toasty oak followed by spice prepares you for the taste. Screams Cabernet! Really enjoyed swirling and sniffing.

Full bodied and fit for a pirate. Blackberry, cherry, raspberry followed by spice which warms you nicely. I uncorked the wine 2 hours before the show allowing breathing time. The aromas and flavors open up showcasing the beautiful fruit the longer in the glass. Bold yet elegant.

Scott another fine selection in wine. The show is full of fun wine facts plus another cool guest, winemaker Heidi Barrett. Stop by Cellars of Sonoma for the new 2009 vintage and you just might hear Heidi proclaim, "Drink Up, Me Hearties, Drink Up The Fabled TreasureRed.... Unless You be Lily-Livered."


Thursday, January 19, 2012

2007 TR Elliott Queste Pinot Noir Russian River Valley on Cellars of Sonoma

I have a few favorite winemakers on my list and one just happens to be this evenings guest Ted Elliott of TR Elliott in beautiful Santa Rosa California. The pinot noir he produces is silky and elegant with aromatics that fill your nose with sheer pleasure. Heaven in a bottle and honestly I could swirl/smell all evening.

Scott as usual was pumped about the 49Niners winning and ready to invite all football fans into the tasting room to watch the game this weekend. Wine and food specials will greet the patrons. Ted Elliott was as always ready to answer complex questions thrown at him by the viewers. Kevin the esteemed reporter, Andrew the production manager/camera guru and naturally my buddy Dezel Quillen Va's excellent wine blogger rounded out the tasters.

On the nose wild cherry followed by cinnamon spice. Beautiful earthy mushroom notes scream Russian River Valley followed by hints of strawberry and raspberry. Day 2 brought fresh cut rose pedal notes. Pinot at it's finest.

Dark cherry with hints of juicy raspberry and fresh strawberry followed by a soft spice. Day 2 saw the flavors evolve with mocca and dark chocolate on the finish. The juice in the fruit carries from the beginning to the end. Soft and silky. I have tasted 5 bottles of Queste with each at different ages and the wine blows me away every time. Ted I dubbed thee "King of Pinot."

If you are in Santa Rosa stop by for the Niners football party at Cellars Of Sonoma this weekend. Great wine, food, atmosphere and loads of fun!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

2009 Ceja Vineyards Napa Carneros Chardonnay

You're probably thinking because I live in the Midwest with snow on the ground and sub freezing temps, the wine of choice should be red. Surprise! I'm an equal opportunity wino. Tonight's selection paired well with my fantail shrimp with fresh squeezed lemon juice. Plus I can always count on each bottle of Ceja wine I open.

In the glass the creme brulee hits your nose first. Ripe pear with waves of citrus zest, baking spice, green apple and fresh melon. Nice tropical fruit notes. Year after year so consistent and beautiful.

Pear and green apple right from the start. Nice lemon character in the middle with a hint of melon. The lemon zest lingers long into the crisp refreshing finish. Outstanding fruit forward chardonnay. Armando what a delicious bottle of wine.

Amelia, Pedro and the entire Ceja Family what a joy it is to drink your wines. I highly recommend all varietals from Ceja Vineyards so make sure you stop for a visit and purchase a bottle or 12.


Friday, January 13, 2012

2007 Bonneau Los Carneros Hyde Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon On Cellars of Sonoma

Scott's choice of wine for the evening's virtual taste from Bonneau was both silky and elegant. Special guest John Bambury, Vintner always treats the viewers to 60 fun packed minutes of wine knowledge. Toss in my buddy Dezel Quillen fellow wine blogger from Va and its a party!

I opened the wine 2 1/2 hours prior to tasting on the advice of Mr. Jordan plus ran it through an aerator. Really nice ripe fruit starting with blackberry and raspberry. As the wine opened, plum with hints of vanilla, baking spice and violet notes. The aromas were elegant and complemented each other perfectly.

Awesome flavor. Blackberry with hints of plum and spice dominate the begining of the taste. In the middle juicy raspberry carries long into the silky soft finish. I paired the wine with a big cheeseburger and enjoyed by itself. No doubt this may be the perfect cabernet.

Scott and John you blew me away with the selection. Special treat to drink this wine and I enjoyed every drop. My compliments and many thank you's. Andrew, Kevin and Dezel always a great time on TV Tuesday. Folks click the link TV Tuesday Broadcast and watch each week at 6pm pacific. I know you will enjoy the show.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2008 Firesteed Pinot Noir Oregon

Oregon produces some excellent juice and its becoming a regular in my house. My only issue is with the selection in my area but getting better. Tonight's wine was a gift from my daughter who understands my love of Pinot.

A nice nose on this wine. Excellent ripe cherry with a beautiful clove spice. Hints of smokey cedar and fresh raspberry. The clove and cedar really mellowed the longer in the glass.

Tart cherry at first but as the wine was allowed to breathe, fresh cherry pie followed by a wonderful spice. Strawberry and red raspberry with just a slight smoke finish. I paired with grilled pork chops and as a stand alone. Nice affordable Pinot and reinforces my love of Oregon wine.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Introducing Passaggio Wines Passionistas Wine Club

When chatting with winemaker Cynthia Cosco about her new varietal Pinot Noir ( and the 4th in her portfolio) she asked if I thought her idea of a wine club was smart. More in the neighborhood of brilliant I believe my response. Wine clubs direct from wineries in my opinion are great values because you know the winemaker and trust their wines. Exceptional vintages allow you to reorder at club rates (in this case 20% off) with each shipment delivered to your doorstep. Plus the wines are stored in a controlled environment and we wine lovers know how important correct temps mean to our bottles.

Passionistas Wine Club promises to deliver award winning wines of high character twice per year. Early summer receive 2 bottles of Unoaked Chardonnay (one of the best chardonnay's I have ever tasted) and Rose (last years first vintage was awesome). In the fall as a member you will receive 2 bottles of Pinot Noir (inaugural vintage this year with samples pictured above) and Pinot Grigio (perfect with light pasta dishes) as Cindy says "just in time to celebrate the holidays." Not a red fan no fear you will receive chardonnay and rose in the summer and chardonnay and pinot grigio in the fall. Invitations to winemaker dinners, special wine events, 20% discount on reorders and "the rite of passage on all special discounted merchandise and wines" are all excellent benefits so don't miss out.

Cindy's motto "Follow Your Passion" are words to live by and very evident in each bottle she produces. She has inspired me and I know she will you as well. Join me as others have by clicking the link Passionistas Wine Club and become a member today. Award winning exceptional value wines delivered to your door from one of Napa/Sonoma's outstanding top female winemakers. Like she says "Drink all you want...... I can make more."


Friday, January 6, 2012

2010 Amorosa Bella Brut Russian River Valley On Cellars of Sonoma Tuesday Live

What a great night virtual tasting Amorosa Bella Sparkling Brut with Scott from Cellars of Sonoma, winery owner Charlyn and my good friend wine blogger Dezel from VA. Really getting into the crispness of sparkling wines, their versatility with salads or fresh fruit, and I even paired it with fresh holiday fudge.

The wine tonight was a true treat. Beautiful salmon color in the glass combined with the fruit characteristics of my 2 favorite Russian River Valley grapes..... Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Pear, red berries, citrus and the perfect amount of acidity makes this Sparkling Brut one of the best produced.

Charlyn challenged the viewers to incorporate sparkling wine into their everyday routine along with a variety of foods. Always up for a challenge and using some of her suggestions, I was amazed at the potato chip pairing. Salty and acidic worked perfect. Fresh berries (raspberry, cherry, strawberry) with the crispness of the wine was so refreshing. Huge fan of this wine.

Scott and Charlyn thanks for the great evening and the introduction to Amorosa Bella Sparkling Brut. A very special treat.