Thursday, July 30, 2009

2007 McManis Petite Syrah

Stopped in to talk with my friend Traci at the First Ave Wine House in Cedar Rapids Iowa (link to the left and yes you should buy some wine from her) and darn the luck I walked out with a bottle of 2007 McManis Petite Syrah. Deep purple color, huge dark berry flavor, slight vanilla in the middle and (are you kidding me) a smooth chocolate sensation at the end. Always thought petite meant small but not this wine. Full body big fruit holy cow this is good. I have had other McManis wines and they all over deliver in my opinion for the price.


Anonymous said...

Have been recommending their Petite for years! Glad you agree...well worth twice the price.
And, their Pinot is pretty darned good, too.

Anonymous said...

Yes. The Cab and Syrah are both big, smooth wines--worth twice the 10-11 dollars.