Monday, June 13, 2011

2009 Struttin Red Eric Ross Winery

A few weeks back I had the sister wine Struttin White and with the cool down it was time to unlease The Rooster. The 09 vintage is a blend of 91% Tempranillo and 9% Garnacha. Full bodied yet smooth as glass Eric produced a beauty which I paired with burgers (well not just with burgers I had to taste while I grilled).

In the glass the fruit comes right to the front (a trait I have come to love with Eric's wines). Blackberry, a hint of raspberry, an earthy spice and finally a slight scent of strawberry. The aromas merry well together and I find the wine pleasing to my nose.

Great flavor! Red juicy fruit starting with a ripe red raspberry. A hint of blackberry and plumb in the middle of the taste and finishing with a strawberry/raspberry combination along with some spice. Its the Rooster struttin his stuff. The finish is wonderfully long and and juicy but so silky.

As a certified wine nut (well nuts is more like it) I love wines hand crafted especially Eric's. I know each bottle regardless of varietal will be consistently outstanding.



Eric Ross said...

When I first met Mr. Goderis at Eric Ross I assumed he was growing corn or milking cows, he is from Iowa AND he does have big hands. Who knew he also has a discerning palate for sophisticated wines, not just BIG Fruit+BIG Oak=Great Wine. Go back in his Blog and check his comments for other wineries as well and you'll see this guy knows how to pick out the nuggets from the fools gold.

DanG said...

Eric you are way to kind.