Saturday, April 14, 2012

2008 Krutz Family Cellars Sleepy Hollow Vineyard Santa Lucia Highlands Chardonnay

The year 2003 and many miles from Jackson Mississippi, Patrick Krutz established what is now known as Krutz Family Cellars. Starting with a production of 60 cases for family and friends, the dream began but the unknown of how far the journey would take him lay ahead. Changes have occurred along the way with younger brother Cole joining Patrick in 2007, Rebecca who he met the summer of 07 and later married handles marketing and administrative duties in her spare time. Together they have 3 children who I'm sure will want to follow in Dad's footsteps. What remains unchanged is the quality of the wine and the values ingrained from their southern upbringing. "One can't get to where they are going without knowing where they have been" are words we should all remember.

A valuable lesson learned on my journey through wine is when you really enjoy a particular bottle make sure you obtain additional bottles and taste them during different times of their life cycle. The 08 Sleepy Hollow Vineyard Chardonnay in my opinion is even better with age. Once in the glass the fresh citrus aromas fill your nose. Warm vanilla custard, ripe apple and pear with juicy pineapple/peach make your scenses race. When the wine warms slightly baking spice and toasted hazelnut appear. Beautiful flow and again I wanted to sniff the wine all evening.

The mouth is elegant and rich with creamy vanilla circling the fresh fruit. Peach and pineapple along with the citrus zest in the beginning. Next pear and apple take you right into the long juicy toasty finish. So good and food versatile. I served with baked chicken and then the second night crusted tilapia with lemon zest. I may need a few more bottles it's that good.

Patrick you have picked some wonderful grapes from outstanding vineyards. Your wines are as you say "true, honest and fun". You forgot damn good too. Visit Krutz Family Cellars to purchase wine and learn more about their story.


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