Sunday, July 22, 2012

2010 Grenache Blanc Highflyer Somerston Vineyards

Tonights stellar wine comes from Napa Valley and the folks at Somerston Wine Co with Craig Becker's Highflyer Grenache Blanc. A neat little white wine on this hot summer day and such an easy drinker. Production for this varietal is 700 cases with the grapes coming from 6 acres of Somerston Vineyards 1628 acre property. Cool labels on these bottles.

A vibrant nose which includes wild flower notes, orange peel, fresh melon, big ripe lime and pear. As I continue to allow the wine to open up, the citrus notes just explode from the glass.

Wonderful mouth with nectarine and melon complimented by juicy lime. Nice little mineral notes on the finish of this crisp refreshing white wine. When the wine warmed a hint of grapefruit added to the mix of tropical fruit. One of the must wines you should keep stocked in the cellar!

Visit their website by clicking the link Highflyer


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