Friday, September 7, 2012

2009 Highflyer Pinot Noir Doctors Vineyard Santa Lucia Highlands

Thursday was the 3rd Annual #PinotSmackdown a global day of tasting Pinot Noir my favorite grape. Wine lovers from all walks of life tasted from regions including New Zealand, California, France, Oregon, Washington, South America. Big thanks to @winetonite Mr Ed Thralls Jr for tonights event. The winner once again New Zealand with Oregon coming in second and California a distant third. My choice was the 09 Highflyer from Somerston Wine Co in California.

Having tasted a few bottles of Highflyer varietals previous to the pinot, I assumed this would be tasty like the others............ and I was correct. Once in the glass a huge dark cherry aroma fills my nose. Hints of earth and herbs, cola, spice with splash of raspberry.

One sip and it feels as if I am eating fresh cherry/berry pie. Layers of cherry, strawberry and red raspberry preceed a nice little warm spicy on the finish. The red fruit is the star and the cola/spice combination really complete the wine. Excellent balance. I served this with sauteed veggies tossed in angel hair pasta plus the cook had a taste prior to dinner. Hey you have to make sure the pairing is correct!!!! Bravo winemaker Craig.

Highflyer Wines "Exceptional wines produced by the perfect alignment of vineyard and climate." I couldn't agree more.


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