Thursday, December 20, 2012

2010 Stepping Stone Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Oregon

Oh the joy of drinking Pinot Noir. Tonight I toasted my love of Oregon Wine with this elegant bottle of passion by Craig Camp. The wine is born in the Willamette Valley which happens to be Oregon's leading wine region. Imagine over 200 wineries producing world class Pinot in a climate which is darn near perfect for grape growing. Popular among wine tourists, a visitor to the region will have the opportunity to taste exceptional food paired with exceptional wine, stay at one of the many bed and breakfasts the area has to offer or take in the beauty of the countryside. Oh yes and taste alot of wine from Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot, Sauv Blanc, Syrah, Pinot Noir and a few others.

What you will notice when tonight's wine is poured is the bouquet of fresh tart cherry with hints of cinnamon spice. Raspberry, ripe cranberry, subtle hint of clove and a touch of earthiness. Neat little nose pleaser.

Charming $30 Pinot and worth every penny. Cranberry, cranberry and more cranberry with cherry, strawberry and raspberry. Fruit really shows the personality of the vineyards. I get a little of the cinnamon spice and clove on the end. Delicious young and I wonder what Craig thinks some age will do to the wine. It's a winner either way! Cool label "Color of Life" by artist Janet Ekholm.

Discover both Cornerstone Wines and the Stepping Stone Wines lineup offered from Cornerstone Cellars CA/OR. Three years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the tasting room in Yountville Napa Valley and can't wait for the day to visit Gaston Oregon's room. I have been drinking their wines ever since. Everyday or special occasions, serving Cornerstone Wines will make you a popular host.


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