Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Inaugural Cellar Cast Broadcast

Well readers I finally fixed all the technical issues and we launched the first broadcast of Cellar Cast on Blogtalk Radio. Jitters and butterflies my heart raced as we were 10 minutes from show time. I talked about wine clubs and social media both of which excite this wino. As a social media consultant, I find others process/engagement very interesting and the pro's and con's on why they choose to interact with their customers. Virtual tastings which are great events and a perfect way for small producers to reach an audience and build their brand. Here is the link to the show:        Cellar Cast

Karen Troisi owner of Jean Edwards Cellars was my special guest. Karen and her husband produce premium Cabernet Sauvignon who believe "You should only make wine you love to drink." Actually I asked the question Why Cabernet and Karen informed me they love to drink great cabernet. Other varietals are enjoyed too but their love is definitely a nice rich full bodied red. What a perfect guest who loves to talk wine. I think you will agree. Please check out her website and join the mailing list to get the latest on wine they will release and your opportunity to purchase.

Special thanks to my wonderful friends Carrie and Randy Bowman owners of Napa Valley Wine and Cigar for their sponsorship. These 2 are great folks and have a wonderful knowledge of wines. The small production gems you find in their store are priceless. Don't forget about the primo cigars they carry!

After you listen to the show I would love the feedback. Ideas for topics on upcoming shows give us a hollar.


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