Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2012 Passaggio New Generation Pinot Grigio

Cynthia's Italian heritage influenced her early in life and plays a big part in who she is today. The path from law enforcement to winemaker seems out of the ordinary but once you sit down and meet the winemaker you feel the passion she has for life and wine.

I had the pleasure of meeting Cindy at a custom crush facility along the Silverado Trail a few years ago which lead to a wonderful friendship with my wife and I. While the wine making operation has moved to its current location at the Dogpatch Wine Works in Historic San Francicso, you will still "find Artisan handcrafted wines reflective of my inspired passion" with each bottle of Passaggio Wines. Each bottle reflects the journey from vineyard to bottle to mouth, and solidifies Cindy's place among the winemakers in California.

Tonight's wine was $19.00 and sorry to say it's sold out but I'm betting real soon the 2013 is coming to your cellar. You can pick up the wine by visiting Passaggio Wines website or Dogpatch Wine Works 2455 Third Street in San Francisco California. Meet the winemaker sip and buy some juice....can't think of a better way to spend the afternoon.

How was the wine you ask? The nose is wonderful with wild daisy's and fresh lemon lime. Tropical melon and ripe pear with hints of green apple. Loads of fresh citrus tickle the nose while the fruit is intense and very ripe. I broke into Italian singing!

The mouth is beautiful with pear and green apple, melon, lime, and tangerine. The finish has a nice touch of minerality and is quite long. Beautifully done Cindy. A varietal I think we all need to drink more. I paired this wine with some fresh tilapia, wild rice and vegies. Superb!

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