Sunday, March 16, 2014

2009 Whistling Dog NSV Estate-Dijon Blocks Pinot Noir Eola-Amity Hills

My first sip from Whistling Dog Cellars was a purchase from my local wine store and what a fan I am now. The name comes from the family dog Fleck who yes whistled. Pointing birds in the field or plunging in the waters to retrieve his frisbee, his passion could not be contained just like his owners passion for Pinot. Celeste and Tom Symonette work the entire process of winemaking themselves from pruning the vineyards to bottling the finished product. Small lot hand-crafted wines are dedicated to quality and a dream to make the best Pinot Noir from "the ground up." There are no corners cut when it comes to their juice.

The nose is beautiful with cinnamon spice and ripe bright cherry. Cloves and earthy tones, fresh cut wild violets give the wine a floral accent and dried rosemary an herbal touch. Gives you the sense of standing in the vineyard enjoying the mid morning aromas.

Love the flavor. Tart cranberry and ripe cherry are music to my palate. Cloves and a hint of earthiness with a creamy caramel soft finish. Delicious Pinot and I highly recommend!


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