Sunday, March 8, 2015

2013 Campesino Cellars Alina, Sonoma Valley California

Spring and the perfect time to pull the cork on a wine I have been saving the 2013 Alina made by Macario Montoya winemaker/owner of Campesino Cellars. Along with his wife Griselda and their beautiful daughters of which this wine was named, you will find wines with expression of the vineyard and a passion for creating perfect juice. This particular wine is a blend of 50% Roussane and 50% Marsanne and very nicely priced at $28 per bottle. Have I mentioned how much of a fan I am of their wines?

The nose is beautiful with a collage of crisp citrus. Ripe apricot with notes of juicy apple and an almond creme drives my nose wild. Luscious aromatics. Stainless steel fermented and aged 6 months in neutral oak barrels.

The mouth is equally impressive with soft pear and honey notes complimented with a succulent lemon curd. Love the creamy character of the wine and the beautiful long soft citrus finish. A true expression of Macario's wines in this varietal. Well done my friend!

Visit their website for the current available wines and stock up as they sell out fast! Make sure you sign up for Campesino Cellars mailing list by clicking the Mailing List Link to ensure you never miss out.


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