Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2013 Gallegos Chardonnay Charmer Vineyard Yountville Napa Valley

The story is similar to many, a family immigrating  to America where they build a business based on hard work and determination to succeed. The Gallegos family is no exception and their passion for growing grapes and understanding the vineyards is second to none. Learning the basics of grape growing was key and the family was one of the first Mexican farming families to settle in St Helena (grandfather in the 1950's with the entire family in the 1960's). Making wine from vines planted over 30 yrs ago by Eric's father adds a little special love to each bottle. Case production for all varietals is 1000 and if not for Cellar Angels and their showcase of this wonderful family winery, many outside California like myself would never have an opportunity to taste these beautiful wines so Martin well done. This was a great Cellar Angels buy for me.

The minute you pull the cork the quality of this wine is evident. Layers of caramel/vanilla, fresh apple and pear, tropical mango and pineapple. Big fruit and crisp on the nose. Swirling and sniffing is as gratifying as tasting.

The mouth is full of beautiful fruit with pear, tart apple and a kiss of pineapple finishing with a soft creamy vanilla custard. So luscious and elegant this handcrafted gem is so unbelievably good. Ignacio you and your family are making outstanding wines.

Support small family wine operations like the Gallegos Wines who pour their heart and soul into each bottle. Have an opportunity in the future to taste boutique wines by becoming a Cellar Angel and taste what Martin Cody is finding in wine country. Both are opportunities you can't pass up.


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Dracaena Wines said...

caramel, vanilla and apple? Sounds like my type of wine!