Sunday, January 10, 2016

2013 Campesino Cellars Grenache Steel Plow Vineyard

What a way to start off the new year with an amazing wine from Campesino Cellars the 2013 Steel Plow Vineyard Grenache. The $35 price is a bargain and there were only 65 cases made. When I was introduced to Macario and Griselda's wine a few years ago the first order of business was to sign up for the mailing list. Since then I have not missed ordering any of their wine. See this is the perfect juice to sip.....hand crafted, ultra boutique wine by a remarkable talented winemaker.

Notice the label with the hands of Griselda's father Pedro Ceja. He spent 40 years in the vineyard so that his family had the opportunities they desired. The label was drawn by Macario's brother Maceo and depicts the hard work the hands endured. Just like the name Campesino (Fieldworker), Macario and Griselda as a son and daughter of fieldworkers, pay homage to those who work the fields and help make these beautiful wines. "A mis carnales y mis carnalas gracias por su trabajo. To my brothers and sisters thank you for your work." The workers themselves take pride in their nurturing of the vineyards and want a better life for themselves and their families. Humble, hard working and successful.

Right from the first pour, the nose exhibits ripe fruit. Fresh strawberries and cherries with hints of cinnamon spice and fresh herbs. A perfect harmony and so pleasing to the nose. Macario an absolute amazing aromatic beauty.

The mouth is elegant with juicy cherry and strawberry followed by hints of leather, earth tones and dark chocolate. The tannins are so soft with a fruit forward intensity. A grenache I want to sip every day Macario!

Sign up for the Campesino Cellars Mailing List and start grabbing these beauties when first released. Want to order online then click Campesino Wine on the website and order today. Sip on some Campesino today.


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