Monday, September 5, 2016

2015 CannonBall Sauvignon Blanc Sonoma County Quick Sip

*Sample received*

I had to chuckle when receiving this sample because I wondered if they looked into my childhood when we would "cannonball" off the high dive to get the female lifeguards soaked. But Cannonball Wines is serious about their wines which they feel should be affordable and enjoyed by all. While they may not take themselves to serious, they do have a passion for spreading the word about their fun wines and you should always "share a splash" with friends. Now lets open and enjoy.

On the nose nectarine and grapefruit with a touch of floral and citrus rind. Definitely crisp on the nose. The mouth shows the acidic character of the wine. Loads of grapefruit, nectarine, pineapple, melon and lemon/lime with a clean finish. This wine will work well as a patio sipper. Remember to share a "splash" with a friend and then head for the diving board!


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