Tuesday, August 22, 2017

2013 Mulvane The Cypher Proprietary Red Napa Valley

Let me start by saying I would have never been introduced to this wine without Cellar Angels and their discovery of these boutique small production gems. If you enjoy wines with limited production, most only sold at the winery or on the winery website then join today. Sadly owner Rocco Califano due to a personal issue closed his winery. He only produced 50 cases of tonight's wine. I would have loved to taste his entire portfolio.

The nose is beautiful with ripe red berries, fresh black tea concluding with a nice earthy dried herb character. The mouth is fantastic with juicy cherry, a hint of raspberry and plum, a splash of dried cranberries along with a bold currant spice and mocha. For such a big wine the smooth finish is jaw dropping. Such a shame this wine will never be produced again.

Watch every Friday evening as Martin Cody brings you #NoDumpBucket live from the home office of Cellar Angels (more like the dining room table but who notices LOL) as he tastes and talks wine. Informational, interactive and a blast.


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Martin Cody said...

#NoDumpBucket is filmed at the conference table of our global headquarters. Come to think of it, you're right, it does resemble the dining room of home!