Tuesday, September 26, 2017

2016 Attune Pinot Noir Rose Carneros Sonoma County

Sometimes you find these "hidden gem wines" or someone with excellent wine knowledge introduces you. In my case the latter is truth and thank you Martin Cody. If not for your vision and passion to bring small producers in touch with wine lovers across the country I would not even know Attune existed. Thank you Attune for making what I call "drop dead great juice."

Fans of Attune know the story which seems to be repeated over and over with small production boutique producers. Friends with a passion for wine share many a bottle with great conversation which leads to let's make wine. It may not be that simple but the results are the same. For Attune the story started with wine, a property which turned into a home and vineyard, which brought a winemaker who produces world class wines. Today's those friends are still the backbone of Attune Wines.

Meticulous about the fruit which represents each bottle of Attune, you will see the winemaker and vineyard workers dropping fruit not worthy. At harvest time, grapes are picked by hand, carefully brought to the winery to continue their journey eventually ending as "nectar of the gods." Once in the barrels, the juice will age and mature from 5-15 months finally reaching adulthood and bottled.

The 2016 Rose is easy on the nose with hints of young fresh cut rose pedals, cantaloupe, a faint hint of ripe cherry and a crisp citrus zest. So appealing to the senses and a lovey light coral hue. The mouth I agree explodes with juicy strawberry and fresh sliced apricots with hints of honeydew melon. Nice acidity and what a beautiful long juicy finish. A grand total of 165 cases produced.

Act fast my rose and wine loving friends as these wines will not last long!


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