Sunday, October 22, 2017

2014 Attune Wines Chardonnay Sonoma County #SonomaStrong

Sipping and sharing this wine last night, I wondered what I could say about Attune Wines I've not already written. As I posted a pic Martin Cody at Cellar Angels (who introduced me to this label) might have stolen the words right from my mouth. Exquisite fruit, impeccable wine, amazing chardonnay and under the radar, I could not have said it better myself. Definitely why I'm drawn to Attune and Cellar Angels.

The nose is full of beautiful layers starting with fresh sliced apple and warm pear wrapped around hints of pineapple and lemon citrus zest. Baking spice along with toasted vanilla caramel cream please the senses. It's as if I'm standing in my grandmothers kitchen just after she pulled a fresh pie from the oven.

The mouth is crisp yet creamy with juicy apple, spiced pear, a kiss of lemon and vanilla butter cream. The finish is long and lush with the lingering fruit and the cream notes. We paired with baked chicken and a side of green beans with smoked bacon. Perfect pairing with a perfect wine. Well done as always Attune.

I'll say it again order direct from the winery at Attune Wines  and then head to Cellar Angels and sign up for free to become an angel. Here is where you will find these hidden gems just like I and many of the loyal angels. I would have never known this winery existed without Denise and Martin Cody. Until next time......


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Denise Cody said...

Great description Dan. The paring sounds perfect.