Sunday, December 17, 2017

Pedroncelli #PED90th The Final Taste Up Celebration 2017

*Samples Received*

A sweet Taste Up (port and desert) greeted us on this #5 and final tasting in the year long celebration of Pedroncelli Winery and their 90 Years of growing and producing award winning wine. Each wine tasting session included history on the family and wines along with a wonderful recipe to be paired with the offerings. What a great way to spend an evening.....sip eat and learn all things Pedroncelli. These wines will be a staple in my cellar for years to come.

We learned the Pedroncelli's have been farming the Sonoma Dry Creek Valley Vineyards since 1927 with generation after generation joining this Italian family business producing exceptional quality wines which are easy on the pocket book. They are committed to sustainable farming and now over 70% of the ownership of the business is held by women. Did I mention they also have a female winemaker?

Hearing the history of the vines and soil while tasting the various varietals and how the flavor profile mirrors the character of the vineyard is super wine geeky. I love it. Mother Clone Zinfandel with polenta and sausage ragu, Chardonnay, Petite Sirah, Sauvignon Blanc with lemon chicken, Rose, Sangiovese, Friends White Blend, Merlot, Wisdom Cabernet with a beef filet smothered with mushroom, lasagna paired with Zinfandel all just spoiled us. Which leads to our final wines Sonoma Classico and Four Grapes Vintage Port along with Port fruit bars.

The evening started with the 2015 Sonoma Classico. A beautiful red blend of Merlot, Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Syrah. The nose is a wonderful mix of fruit, spice, earth and oak. Rich plum, cherry, dark berry clusters followed by peppery notes, a hint of dusty earth with a touch of oak. The mouth is elegant with intense berry clusters bursting with flavor followed by a nice warm pepper nuance and a drive by of toasty oak. The tannins were soft but do not go unannounced. The amazing part of this wine is when I paired with the port fruit bars the tannis flat disappeared. I picture the Pedroncelli's at a family gathering with classic italian food and this wine on every table. Ed I'll look for my invite because any chance missed to drink this wine well is a terrible thing.

On to the 2012 Four Grapes Vintage Port (for those Mash fans in the voice of Charles Emerson Winchester III) LOL. Living in the Midwest, Port is a wonderful wine sipped after dinner by the fireplace or anytime near the fireplace with a good book. I have never baked with it until today with our pairing of Port Fruit Bars. The 4 grapes for this wine include Tinta Madeira, Tinta Caio, Touriga Nacional and Souzao. The 4 acre vineyard was first planted in 1995 and each grape varietal matures differently but they are harvested together. 2012 is the 21st vintage produced. Port on the nose is an intense majestic work of art with rich fruit, dark chocolate and caramel notes. The mouth is lush with plum and red berries intermingled with creamy caramel, dark chocolate and a beautiful warm spice on the finish. Absolutely delicious paired with the fruit bars and a cap off to the evening. I'll need to grab a couple more bottles and let them age the 10 years to see how this wine evolves.

To Julie, Ed, Robert and the entire staff at Pedroncelli Wines a tip of the fedora to you all for including me in this year long celebration. It's been fun discussing with others across the country and helping you celebrate 90 Years of growing grapes and making wine. Plus I love being spoiled with great wine and food! Raising a glass to the next 90 Years!


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