Sunday, February 18, 2018

2014 Campesino Cellars Grenache Steel Plow Vineyard Sonoma Valley

A great evening when I open a bottle of Campesino Cellars wine from winemaker Macario Montoya. Along with his wife Griselda, they together own this wonderful boutique winery. You could say they were both called to the vines at an early age. Macario as he tagged along with his parents to wine tastings and Griselda who grew up with the vines and dirt in her blood with her parents and siblings. Destiny called and they answered.

When you taste their wines a picture is painted of the earth, vines and climate of the vineyard. The fruits are ripe, harvested at optimal rippening. The tannins are soft and elegant. Regardless if Grenache, Rose, or their Red and White Blends, every bottle is consistently outstanding and a true expression of hands on wine making.

Tonight's 2014 Grenache shows beautifully on the nose with dark cherry, raspberry and wild strawberry clusters bursting from the glass followed by cinnamon, pepper and earthiness. Wonderful aromatics.

The mouth is so juicy with raspberry, strawberry and hints of dark cherry with a kiss of spice. Delicious fruit forward wine and such a long juicy finish. Another exceptional bottle Macario and Griselda (pairs well with spaghetti)! Can't wait to see what's next!

Currently their 2014 Alina and Baybos blends are available by clicking the order wine link. I've had both and you will thank me later!


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