Monday, April 9, 2018

2015 Attune Station Ranch Chardonnay Carneros Sonoma County

*Sample Received*

There are those wineries, boutique in nature who you run across from time to time. The key is finding them before the world does because when it does, that juice will become hard to come by and sold out in a moments notice. I've said it before if not for Martin Cody and Cellar Angels, I might not know Attune Wines. The perfect discovery for wine lovers outside of California. Cellar Angels showcases these wonderful creations and tells their story to the world.

The story like many small wineries, acquaintances and friends come together to make the very best wine they can in small batches. Hand harvested by the light of the moon, carefully transported to protect the fruit which will be made into liquid gold, fermented slowly and finally to the barrels to grow up. Small production at it's finest. Said Martin Cody "Few people recognize how ridiculous this wine is. Oh my, it makes me weep it's so damn good." The only word I could utter after the nectar hit my lips "WOW."

The nose flows with green and yellow sliced apples, poached pear, fresh cut impatiens, vanilla bread pudding, lemon citrus and a slight hint of toasted oak. Pleasing on so many levels.

The mouth is juicy, satisfying and one of the best Chardonnay's tasted in the past couple years. Juicy apple and pear with splashes of lemon and slight drive by of spice and vanilla cream. The finish lingers long with beautiful acidity. I could go for some lobster ravioli and another splash of this wine right now.

Swing by the shop for Attune Wine link  and grab some of yours today before it's all gone. Wines you won't want to miss.


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