Sunday, June 10, 2018

2017 Attune Pinot Noir Rose Eigth Street Vineyard Carneros Sonoma County #NationalRoseDay

#NationalRoseDay so we celebrate with Attune Wines Pinot Noir Rose. You have heard in the past I'm a huge fan of their wines and this juice will again treat my palate. The production on this beauty is a mere 125 cases.

The story behind Attune is amazing how people come together from different walks of life to create something very special. Click the all about them link to learn more. Today 8.5 acres of vines are farmed meticulously to ensure 2 to 2.5 ton per acre is harvested. This technique leads to flavor intensive grapes and beautiful profile wines. The quality of these wines is so consistent year after year and why I seek out their small production juice.

The nose on the 2017 Rose shows intense wild strawberry aromas coupled with fresh honeydew melon and floral notes. A kiss of spice tickles the nose. Allow the wine to warm and hints of cherry and now the floral notes become fresh rose pedals. Perfect aromatics.

The mouth is full of juicy strawberry and ripe melon with splashes of cherry. I can picture this fruit at harvest...small clusters of grapes hanging majestically from the vines with not a raisin among them, nurtured for this moment when it will be hand picked, sorted and become the nectar we love. The flavors roll beautifully across the tongue and I love the acidity in this wine. I found my glass demanding to be filled again and again.  A very fine rose Kenneth!

Swing by their website wine shop by clicking the buy wine link and enjoy your own Attune Wines. Quick before they run out!


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