Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2008 TLC Chardonnay Argentina

I was so impressed by this unoaked chardonnay at the wine tasting before thanksgiving I wanted to try another bottle at home in a controlled environment (multiple wines tasted when this was offered). Found Old Dan really enjoys both oaked and unoaked chardonnays.
Poured into the glass and the apple really hits you followed by a nice orange citrus. Nice fruity aroma, excellent light color and looks like a nice summer wine.
Yes the first drink was like an old friend. So much fruit in every taste, crisp and light. First the apple fills your mouth followed by the orange citrus and then a tickel of cantalope (yes I said cantalope). Flavor is awesome and no oak. If your a chardonnay fan I promise you will like this wine.

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Jacob Troyer said...

thanks for the review. It was helpful.