Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cedar Ridge Vineyards Grand Opening of the New Tasting Room

It was my civic duty (roll eyes at this point) to attend the grand opening of Cedar Ridge Vineyards new Tasting room now located at the vineyard. Here Jeff and the staff also make spirits which includes a new still just installed from Germany (for pictures check out their website

A nice crowd and appears they were steady at least when I was there which included a free tasting of all Cedar Ridge wines (see why it was my civic duty) and a nice tour of the wine and spirits operation. I can't wait till the spring when music and events are now held there. A great accomplishment considering the former location downtown Cedar Rapids was caught up in the great flood and several thousand bottles were ruined.

Yes I tasted every wine available from Brianna to the Port. My favorites of the day were the Port and the 5 Seasons Red which I purchased (must support your local winery). Please check out their website for more info on all their products.
Congratulations Jeff.


The Wine Whore said...

Was this the tasting that delayed you from getting to the gym? :)


DanG said...

Yes that would be the one. Sad they moved from just 3 blocks away from the office but this will be great for events and business for them.