Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Promoting Boutique Wines and the Great Folks Behind Them

I bet you all thought by reading the title the post would introduce small production wines from passionate wine makers. You're partly correct. Exposing readers to wines which I enjoy, some which have been sent to me as samples ( I thank you wine makers because without some of your samples I would have never been introduced to them), some I have not tasted or had the pleasure of meeting it's time to add more material to the Iowa Wino blog. Boutique wineries to me are very small family operated, limited production, concentrated varietals from passionate friendly winemakers. The fruit to make these wines are some of the best grown and the winemaker uses what the fruit gives them to produce "heaven in a bottle".

A blog promotes the author's thoughts and ideas on a particular subject mine being wine tasting. My passion also includes promoting the small or boutique wineries where these excellent wines are produced. If you notice towards the top left of the blog you will see 2 wineries who are worthy of promoting.... Passaggio Wines produced by Cindy Cosco and Eric Ross Wines produced by Eric Luse. There is still room for more and hence the passion. Sure I may have received a sample from the wineries I am promoting or my visit with them on my trip to the wine country was enjoyable, but their logos and links to the respective websites are included in the blog because of the wine they produce and they have passion/character. No there was no "side agreement" that if a particular winery sent me a sample they were expecting a great review. Not the way I work folks. Why? I also have character and a reputation to uphold.

So here is how it works. Wineries could choose to list their logo with us for a period of 6 months (but there will be no minimum/maximum months just my recommendation from a good friend) there won't be any listing fee but more importantly exposure to readers across the country. Wines that I have tasted and absolutely loved will be extended and invitation to list because as I stated above, I am promoting these wineries! Upcoming interviews will also be posted on the blog. All that is asked of readers and wineries would be to let me know when they have ordered wine via the logo/link. There is more to the program but giving you the highlights was important. If there are wines you feel are very good which I have not tasted or should taste let me know. Wineries can feel free to email me for specific details.

We should all be enjoying these fine wines even if you do not live anywhere near where these beauties are produced. It's my job to make sure you know who they are and how you can be introduced to them.


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Mike said...


It is great that you have a passion for small boutique wines like we do at Cellars of Sonoma! There are so many amazing small boutique vintners out there that folks know nothing about! I personally know Cynthia Cosco, she is a great example! She makes a very small amount of amazing wine, and she is a great person to boot! I have met Eric Ross and have had the opportunity to taste his wine as well, and he is another excellent example of a small producer making nice wines!

This is the backbone of what we do at Cellars of Sonoma! we showcase these small boutique vintners who most have never heard of and are seriously making world class wines!

Keep up the Quest! look forward to whenever life brings you back to northern CA, so we can sit down and sip a glass or two of some of the amazing wines we have at Cellars of Sonoma!