Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2006 Z-52 Zinfandel Lodi

I received this sample a couple weeks ago as I have been experimenting with Zinfandels. Still trying to find my way and it seems hit or miss with my palate.

The nose on this wine I thought was very nice. The plum and raspberry seemed to flow very well. Add in the black pepper spice and the wine has a pleasant aroma.

While I will start off with this wine was not one of my favorites it's only my opinion. I researched the web and found multiple reviews which showed folks were really impressed and liked the wine. Plum was dominant at the beginning with a hint of dark berry along with the raspberry. The black pepper spice was a little too much for me at the end. I'm more for wines with subtle spice vs bold spice.

I encourage you to try a bottle of the Z-52 Zinfandel for yourself. You have my permission to email me afterwards and tell me I'm nuts especially for those Zinfandel fans who love the wine.


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