Saturday, November 27, 2010

2009 Wente Vineyards Chardonnay Morning Fog

I knew the Wente Vineyards name but for some reason had never tasted their wines. My choice to serve with the Thanksgiving Turkey was their chardonnay which I purchased at my local wine shop.

Located in Livermore Valley which sits east of San Francisco, the winery founded over 125 years ago was the first California winery to produce a wine labeled as Chardonnay. The description of the vineyard on the bottle "Our Morning Fog Chardonnay is Estate Grown in the Livermore Valley, a region where the vineyards are cooled by morning fog that rolls in from the San Francisco Bay, resulting in longer hang-time and enhanced varietal character." Sounds like a beautiful place doesn't it!

The wine looked perfect as I poured it in the glass. Clear and crisp, the aroma of green apple and pear filled my nose first. Vanilla and fresh melon followed by a very slight hint of oak. Wonderful aromas and very pleasing to the nose.

The wine was a great pairing with the seasonings in the stuffing and the bird. I loved the apple melon combination at the beginning of the wine. The middle features a creamy vanilla along with a hint of pear and citrus. The layers of flavor are so well balanced and the finish crisp. Awesome bottle of wine and one I highly recommend if you love chardonnay.

To learn more about Wente Vineyards and the wonderful wines they produce click on the link to visit their website.

Cheers and Happy Holidays

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