Monday, April 25, 2011

2010 Passaggio Grande Cappello Rose Napa Valley

Ah the joy of discovering rose wine. So many different styles, flavors and yes dry not sweet. Absolutely excited to taste the latest offering from Cynthia Cosco winemaker/owner of Passaggio Wines. I purchased the wine which was part of her "Summer Wine Offering" and also received a bottle as a tasting sample.

I really enjoyed this wine. The aromas of cherry and fresh cut rose pedals are so pleasing to the nose. Hints of ripe strawberry continue the red fruit theme.

The flavor is outstanding with the cherry and wild berries (raspberry, strawberry) really complimenting each other throughout the taste. A hint of plum towards the middle and the finish is long and juicy. What an awesome Rose Cindy. Mom will be proud!

The video would not play any sound so here is a toast to the winemaker for spoiling us with your Grande Cappello Rose!



Anonymous said...

thanks Dan...I am glad you enjoyed it...

Linda Cordair said...

This wine gets better very time I taste it! There wasn't much made so get yours before I drink it all. :)