Monday, September 12, 2011

2007 Joseph Drouhin Vero Pinot Noir

My first Joseph Drouhin Pinot and slightly different than my normal selections most likely a plus to expand my knowledge. Wine from Burgundy France is somewhat scarce in my parts so the online purchase was a bonus (Lot 18 normally $35 per bottle but the deal was 2 bottle for $35).

Once in the glass I really picked up on the cherry followed by a pepper spice. Only after the wine opened up in the glass could I find the red raspberry. Some licorice in the middle as well.

Ripe juicy red raspberry greets your palate on each taste. Traces of the blackberry are evident throughout, hints of pepper and licorice round out the finish. Not used to pepper nuances in my pinot but I'm glad I tasted a style which I'm not accustomed to drinking. If you have tasted this wine would love to know your thoughts.


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