Friday, November 25, 2011

2009 One Hope Wine Chardonnay California

A wine I opened while preparing the thanksgiving day feast was a chardonnay from One Hope Wine. 50% of profits from each bottle of chardonnay sold are donated to fight breast cancer. A cause close to my heart.

Wonderful nose of fresh apple with hints of honey. Fresh crisp melon greets my nose along with a blast of citrus zest followed by vanilla notes. The aroma is fresh and lively and screams "drink me."

A very nice chardonnay. Ripe pear and apple treat the palate from the start of the taste. Fresh picked melon with lemon zest towards the middle followed by a creamy vanilla/butter finish. I also get a slight hint of oak but only as an accent. Refreshing with a great balance of fruit and acidity.

I encourage you to visit their website One Hope Wine to order wine and check out all the worthy causes each bottle sold supports. Excellent juice for great causes.


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