Friday, November 4, 2011

Kunde Family Estates KundeLive Wine Tasting

Impressive production last evening with Kunde Family Estates presents KundeLive wine tasting. Winemaker Zach Long with 4th generation winegrowers (brother and sister) Jeff Kunde and Marcia Kunde Mickelson, the hour long program included a ton of wine knowlege from grape growing to wine production and even food pairings. The interacting between the bloggers/tasters and the esteemed panel was by far one of the best live tastes I have participated in. 3 Excellent wines were on this evenings menu starting with the 2009 Sonoma Valley Chardonnay next the 2008 Sonoma Valley Red Dirt Red and concluding with the 2008 Reserve Century Vines Zinfandel. If you would like to view the program click the link KundeLive and watch all the fun.

First wine the 09 Sonoma Valley Chardonnay which set the tone for a great evening. A beautiful toasty oak when first poured in the glass followed by ripe pear, fresh apples and hints of vanilla. When the wine warmed slightly tropical fruit notes of melon and pineapple. Love the fruit aroma! The taste is amazing. Crisp apple, juicy pear, hints of pineapple/melon with a buttery/creamy finish. The flavors explode in your mouth and the wine is so well balanced. Bravo!

Wine 2 this evening was the 08 Sonoma Valley Red Dirt Red a wonderful blend of 37% Barbera, 29% Syrah, 25% Zinfandel and 9% Sangiovese. In the glass a big jammy red fruit sensation. Cherry, raspberry, hints of spice and pepper with a touch of blueberry. Excellent aroma. The taste is so juicy with the raspberry and cherry filling your mouth. Little peppery spice but not overpowering with a quick appearance of blueberry towards the finish. The fruit is so ripe throughout the taste and the combination of flavors perfect. I can see why this is a favorite in the tasting room!

The final wine of the evening the 2008 Reserve Century Vines Zinfandel created from vines over 130 years old. Unlike any other Zin you will smell or drink because its so soft and silky. Jeff commented if your looking for that huge alcohol, big bold heat zin then this wine isn't for you. Absolutely correct Jeff and I love the lower alcohol wines due to them being more versatile with food. In the glass nice dark fruit aroma of blackberry with a hint of earthiness. Some raspberry, pepper notes, slight hint of cocoa. The mouth feel is so lovely. Dark ripe juicy fruit of blackberry followed by hints of raspberry and cherry. Nice subtle spice which slightly warms the mouth. The finish is smooth with the flavors married perfectly together. Hands down one of the best Zinfandels I have ever tasted.

Truly spoiled drinking theses selections from Kunde Family Estates and I encourage you to stop by the winery and taste these exquisite wines. Jeff, Marcia, Zach and Ed I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to participate. I will see you in 2012 on my next visit.


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Marcia Kunde Mickelson said...

Dan - Thanks so much for the Facebook post. So glad you were able to join us! Please let me know when your travels bring you our way!!! We'll take good care of you in Wine Country!

Best Regards,
Marcia Kunde Mickelson