Thursday, January 19, 2012

2007 TR Elliott Queste Pinot Noir Russian River Valley on Cellars of Sonoma

I have a few favorite winemakers on my list and one just happens to be this evenings guest Ted Elliott of TR Elliott in beautiful Santa Rosa California. The pinot noir he produces is silky and elegant with aromatics that fill your nose with sheer pleasure. Heaven in a bottle and honestly I could swirl/smell all evening.

Scott as usual was pumped about the 49Niners winning and ready to invite all football fans into the tasting room to watch the game this weekend. Wine and food specials will greet the patrons. Ted Elliott was as always ready to answer complex questions thrown at him by the viewers. Kevin the esteemed reporter, Andrew the production manager/camera guru and naturally my buddy Dezel Quillen Va's excellent wine blogger rounded out the tasters.

On the nose wild cherry followed by cinnamon spice. Beautiful earthy mushroom notes scream Russian River Valley followed by hints of strawberry and raspberry. Day 2 brought fresh cut rose pedal notes. Pinot at it's finest.

Dark cherry with hints of juicy raspberry and fresh strawberry followed by a soft spice. Day 2 saw the flavors evolve with mocca and dark chocolate on the finish. The juice in the fruit carries from the beginning to the end. Soft and silky. I have tasted 5 bottles of Queste with each at different ages and the wine blows me away every time. Ted I dubbed thee "King of Pinot."

If you are in Santa Rosa stop by for the Niners football party at Cellars Of Sonoma this weekend. Great wine, food, atmosphere and loads of fun!


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Elizabeth McKeague said...

Dan - thanks for another wonderful review. So glad you enjoy our wines and Scott's webcasts!