Saturday, January 7, 2012

Introducing Passaggio Wines Passionistas Wine Club

When chatting with winemaker Cynthia Cosco about her new varietal Pinot Noir ( and the 4th in her portfolio) she asked if I thought her idea of a wine club was smart. More in the neighborhood of brilliant I believe my response. Wine clubs direct from wineries in my opinion are great values because you know the winemaker and trust their wines. Exceptional vintages allow you to reorder at club rates (in this case 20% off) with each shipment delivered to your doorstep. Plus the wines are stored in a controlled environment and we wine lovers know how important correct temps mean to our bottles.

Passionistas Wine Club promises to deliver award winning wines of high character twice per year. Early summer receive 2 bottles of Unoaked Chardonnay (one of the best chardonnay's I have ever tasted) and Rose (last years first vintage was awesome). In the fall as a member you will receive 2 bottles of Pinot Noir (inaugural vintage this year with samples pictured above) and Pinot Grigio (perfect with light pasta dishes) as Cindy says "just in time to celebrate the holidays." Not a red fan no fear you will receive chardonnay and rose in the summer and chardonnay and pinot grigio in the fall. Invitations to winemaker dinners, special wine events, 20% discount on reorders and "the rite of passage on all special discounted merchandise and wines" are all excellent benefits so don't miss out.

Cindy's motto "Follow Your Passion" are words to live by and very evident in each bottle she produces. She has inspired me and I know she will you as well. Join me as others have by clicking the link Passionistas Wine Club and become a member today. Award winning exceptional value wines delivered to your door from one of Napa/Sonoma's outstanding top female winemakers. Like she says "Drink all you want...... I can make more."


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