Thursday, June 28, 2012

2005 La Sirena Syrah Barrett Vineyards on TVTuesday Live Cellars Of Sonoma

The goddess of winemaking graced the camera on Cellars of Sonoma TV Tuesday Live. We were treated to an hour of wine knowledge from Heidi Barrett owner/winemaker of La Sirena while sipping this beautiful 05 Syrah and pelting her with questions. I'm still trying to figure out how she manages any down time with all her wine projects!

Pop the cork and the aromas explode from the bottle. In the glass black raspberry, ripe plum, dark cherry, nice herbal notes giving the wine a woodsy feel, with a touch of oak. Rich aromas and so pleasing to the nose you could swirl this wine all evening and soak in the layers of perfection.

Nicely done Heidi. Plum and red raspberry treat the palate with pomegranate, spice, fresh thyme followed by a hint of smokey oak. Love the long soft finish which showcased the fruit. One fine Syrah!

Scott another excellent selection this evening and what a super guest. Folks stop by Cellars Of Sonoma and enjoy a bottle of La Sirena. Your palate will thank you.


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