Saturday, June 30, 2012

The debut of Vinho Verde Wines of Portugal on TasteLive

Nice little tasting this evening featuring some fun fruity wines from the Wines of Vinho Verde Team making their debut on Tastelive. Our host this evening was Brand Ambassador Laura Maniec and she lead us on a 4 bottle tasting. The vinho verde region is one of the oldest in Portugal and has been producing wine for over 2000 years. The juice is typically released 3-6 months after harvest and known for their low alcohol content along with vibrant fruit.

Wine 1 was the Adego Ponte de Lima Adamado 2011 treated the palate and nose to cantaloupe, honeydew melon and citrus zest. I commented how good this would taste at lunch time with a fresh bowl of fruit. Joel Q of Creative Furnace kept wanting to drink these wines on the coastal beach area. I'm with you Joe! We are off to a great start.

Wine 2 Lagosta Vinho Verde 2011 White Wine. Loads of lemon/lime at times zesty with fresh peach and hints of grapefruit rounding out the aromas/flavor. Crisp little fun wine and could see myself sipping this by the pool.

Wine 3 Quinta de Gomariz Loureiro 2011. Nice floral bouquet with loads of fresh melon. The flavors of apricot, melon, orange peel, lemon and lime were terrific. I had a bit of brie cheese with this wine and thought it paired well. Yes Joel we know you want to sip this on the coast LOL.

Last wine of the evening and a tasting wouldn't be complete without Great Sense Vinho Verde Rose` 2011. Excellent color and aroma with fresh cut roses, ripe strawberry and a perfect balance of citrus. The flavor the same with the juicy strawberry and citrus and a touch of mineral on the finish.

There you are readers your introduction to the Wines of Vinho Verde. Cailyn, Joel, Laura and Melanie thanks for the invite and some crisp refreshing tasty treats. Want to learn more about the wines and region click the link Vinho Verde


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QuintadaLixaOTalVinhodaLixa said...

Hi DanG,

Wines of Vinho Verde Team are really doing a great job.

Is good to be in Portugal and read posts like this one from the other side of the World, about people who really enjoy Vinho Verde.
Great Sense is one of the brands of Quinta da Lixa that are selling quite well in EUA.

When do you come to visit Vinho Verde region?

Keep tasting and enjoying Vinho Verde