Sunday, October 7, 2012

2009 Flowers Winery Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

The chardonnay grape originated in Burgundy and today is grown all throughout the world. Known as "The Queen", she can be created into many different styles from the heavy buttery oaked to the more tropical unoaked version we see being produced today. That's not to say all chards produced today are the latter version, no there are plenty of old world chardonnays available and ready for your drinking pleasure. Which one do I prefer you ask? I'm a wino so naturally I love them all!!! Tonight's Flowers Winery Sonoma Coast Chardonnay showcases the region and fruit beautifully.

From the moment the wine hits the glass, fresh green apples and ripe pear treat the senses. Next fresh cut flowers with a hint of the tropics gives you that feeling of standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean with the sea breeze gently blowing against your face. Lemon citrus, hints of coconut and vanilla round out the aromas. Wonderful wine to get lost in swirling and sniffing.

I'm so impressed with each vintage I taste. The pear and green apple flavors are so vibrant you can tell the grapes were picked at the perfect moment. While those two flavors last long into the taste, juicy lemon and orange zest appear with a nice little mineral hint on the finish. Traditional flavor on the front with new world tropical flavors on the finish make this wine a huge favorite in my house. I love to serve this wine with a pan roasted tilapia or chicken breast with a fresh lemon and vegies.

If you have not tasted Flowers Winery wines you're missing out. Click the link today to learn more about the beauty of their vineyards and the wines they produce.


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