Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2010 Campesino Pinot Noir Los Carneros Napa Valley Papi Y Chula Vineyard

Macario Montoya owner and winemaker at Campesino Cellars ( along with his wife Griselda)  has a gift for making outstanding wine. I would be remiss if I did not thank Carrie Bowman Napa Valley Wine And Cigar who introduced me to Campesino 2 years ago. Ever since I make sure its a staple in my cellar. I too must thank the campesinos (fieldworkers) who nurture the vineyards spending many long hot hours caring for the grapes. Remember them the next time you sip! Their blood sweat and tears are in each bottle.

From the moment this wine hits the glass it screams Carneros. Eucalyptus that beautiful aroma reinforces the region where these grapes were born. Ripe cherry and clove with hints of raspberry and cinnamon. Dried herbs, touch of earth, violets and hints of plum. Wow what awesome layers of fruit and spice. Beautiful bouquet.

Silky, rich, elegant..... heaven in a glass. Fresh cherry, raspberry and strawberry on the start of the taste. Cloves, cinnamon and juicy cherry/raspberry on the long finish. As the wine warms cranberry makes an appearance. A very special pinot noir indeed!

Macario each vintage impresses me even more. You are a true master of your craft. A treat when I open and drink your wines. Next release remind me I need to buy a little more so I don't run out :)


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