Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Holman Ranch 2011 Estate Grown Sauvignon Blanc Carmel Valley

Spring time screams Sauvignon Blanc and tonight's selection courtesy of the folks at Holman Ranch Vineyards does as well. Holman Ranch has a long history of being a hideout to the stars, secluded and beautiful. Planning a wedding, the picturesque beauty serves as an awesome backdrop for brides and grooms on their special day. Awesome property and some tasty wines, spend the day spoiling yourself with a visit.

Tropical on the nose with lime and kiwi being very dominant. Green apple and melon with hints of lemon as the wine warms. Bright color and clean.

Lime dominates the taste with juicy granny smith apples and a splash of melon/lemon. Nice little minerality on the crisp finish. Some sweetness on the taste as well. Overall nice little Sauvignon Blanc. I paired this with pan fried tilapia drizzled with fresh lemon juice.


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