Thursday, March 28, 2013

St Supery Estate Vineyards & Winemaker Michael Scholz on ToutSuite

When Jenna at St Supery asked if I would like to participate in an online taste with winemaker Michael Scholz it took me all of 1 second to say heck yes. I loved my visit there a few years ago and during this tasting I had a dejavu moment.

We started the evening off with the 2012 Sauvignon Blanc. Big fan of this wine with it's huge lime and grapefruit notes, tropical aromas with a tickle of lemon zest. In the mouth lime citrus, grapefruit with lemon accents on the finish. Crisp refreshing wine just in time for Spring.

Next up the 2010 Merlot Napa Valley. A varietal which saw it's popularity decline among wine drinkers, this bottle from St Supery is outstanding. Rich dark plum, raspberry, blueberry, dark cherry with hints of vanilla and spice. The nose is all about the dark vibrant fruit. On the mouth raspberry and plum, espresso, chocolate followed by vanilla and oak. The finish teases you with a splash of raspberry. How Merlot should be made!!!

The 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon is a steal for the price. Blackberry, cherry, plum with currants, mocha, molasses and toasted vanilla oak. When I said I had a dejavu moment here we go. On my visit to St Supery I had the opportunity to barrel taste and guess what. Yes you are correct the 09 Cabernet. Young, no idea what he/she wanted to be when they grew up, I can say without a doubt you have aged well my friend. Blackberry, plum with sweet molasses, a hint of leather and a nice little spice which warms you up. Opened 2 hours before tasting. Screams for a steak!

Final wine was the 2012 Moscato. Mandarin orange, ripe peach with fresh melon on the nose. In the mouth juicy ripe peach, lemon citrus with hints of orange peel on the finish. Nice little after dinner wine or a sipper on the patio. My daughter "Hey Dad this is really good can I have more?" Yes it is now save some for me!

Thanks to Jenna, Lesley and Michael for including me in the tasting. Wonderful wine from some great folks at St Supery Another superb ToutSuite event!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks again for joining us online! Lesley, Michael and I had a great time and it makes it even better knowing that the people who joined us did too. And how funny that your barrel sample grew up to be one of the wines in this tasting...perhaps it's a sign to take another trip to Napa soon?