Saturday, September 28, 2013

2011 Juslyn Vineyards Bella Rose Napa Valley

Spring Mountain District located in the northwest portion of Napa Valley above and behind St Helena is where today's wine originates from. Perry and Carolyn Butler who sold there computer business to jump head first in the wine business is another success story of the Napa Valley. 1998 was their first vintage with purchased grapes but fast forward to the year 2000 and they were able to harvest enough grapes off their own estate to produce 80 cases of Cabernet Sauvignon. Awards have followed and this team of wine aficionados from Salvadore and Oscar Renteria in the vineyards to winemaker Craig Maclean and  general manager Stephanie DeMasi, Perry and Carolyn must be beaming with pride!

You will notice on the label a pink bow symbolizing Juslyn Vineyards commitment to breast cancer research. 100% of the profits of these 150 cases will be donated to the Emma Jacobs Breast Cancer Foundation. These bottles are dedicated to the fighters and survivors of breast cancer. Many of you may know that I am a spouse of a survivor and people like CELLAR ANGELS and JUSLYN VINEYARDS hold a special place in my cellar and heart. With support and donations made by fine folks like these, may you or anyone you know never have to suffer as many women do. It's their determination and will to beat this terrible disease that I admire and applaud. Lend a helping hand and help them beat this horrible disease.

I absolutely  love the nose with its fresh strawberry, cherry, raspberry and cranberry notes. The fresh red berries are so pleasing. Hints of cloves and creamy vanilla with fresh rolled dough as the wine really opens up. I'll call this a sophisticated rose`!

The red berry aromas carry right through to the tasting of the wine. Strawberry, cherry a tad tart cranberry and red raspberry treat the palate. The flavors flow nicely and the finish is quite long and juicy. The wine is soft and elegant. A delicious rose` which I feel falls in the 90 point range.

Perry and Carolyn I am so glad this wine was featured on Cellar Angels and thank you for supporting Breast Cancer Research. Martin Cody another awesome wine showcased by Cellar Angels. Juslyn Vineyards has a new fan. I'll be making another purchase.


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