Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2007 Gann Family Cellars Alexander Valley Merlot TV Tuesday "In My Glass"

Merlot the wine many say was ruined by the movie Sideways yet remains as a staple in Bordeaux Wines. Can anyone name the wine Miles sipped from a paper cup after the wedding? Actually I think the popularity of merlot was decreasing long before the movie based on the huge supply of marginal juice in the marketplace. There was still some very good wine being produced I was just having a hard time finding them. Now lets fast forward to tonight's wine from Gann Family Cellars and you have merlot A+. Michael allows the vineyard to shine in each bottle and creates a wine which is rich, silky and elegant.

Awesome nose with the ripe plum and dark cherry followed by a fresh poultry spice (thyme, sage and rosemary).  Allowing the wine to breathe adds a nice cinnamon, cocoa and toasty oak character to the aroma. All throughout the fruit is very dominant and the balance of fruit and spice is refreshing in this merlot.

Wonderful silky mouth feel with layers of fruit and spice so well rounded. Juicy plum and cherry followed by cinnamon, dried herbs and light chocolate notes. Soft tannins even though the fruit is big and the spice bold. Michael was meticulous with his barrel aging and this wine rewards him  and us with this beautiful elegant juice. Price point of $28 is "grab all you can pricing" before its gone. A couple of months ago when the winemaker was a guest the consensus was the wine showed very well. Still does Michael.....well done.

Tune in tonight at Cellars Of Sonoma  TV Tuesday Live and watch a special telecast of all 8 Vintners in the house pouring and talking wine. 6pm pacific.


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