Saturday, December 7, 2013

2010 Joseph Jewell Appian Way Vineyard Pinot Noir RRV for TV Tuesday "In My Glass"

Excited for this weeks Gala at Cellars of Sonoma featuring all the Vintners who's wines are poured in the tasting room. As part of the festivities it is my civic duty to taste some of the featured wines Scott chose for the wine club shipments. I'm adding Joseph Jewell Wines to my "In The Glass" holiday series but feel free to drink this Appian Way Pinot Noir anytime. From the first vintage tucked away in a garage in Windsor Ca 2006,  Micah and Adrian have made a name for themselves by creating wines "with distinct noses and finishes that reflect their unique style of winemaking."

As you pour this wine in the glass I couldn't help but smell this wonderful rich earthy mushroom aroma. For a moment I felt like I was deep in the forest harvesting fresh mushrooms. Bright cherry and fresh cranberries, dried herbs and cloves with hints of red raspberry and cinnamon. The layers of fruit and spice are complex and compliment each other. Wonderfully aromatics which evolve and change with each swirl. Well done gentlemen.

Each sip reveals a distinct red fruit quality of cherry, tart cranberry and fresh picked raspberries. Layers of crushed cloves, green tea and earthy notes treat the palate mid taste with the finish long and reintroduces the tart cranberry/cherry. Elegant with a masculine kick. Pair with your holiday pork or turkey dish and have your guests smiling. Price point $45 and every bit delicious

 Micah and Adrian you have a delectable Pinot Noir from the Appian Way Vineyard. Scott always spoiled when I open these wines. Tune in Tuesday at 6pm pacific to speak with all the vintners. We will have a great time and you might just hear Scott "This is where you discover wine one sip at a time"


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