Saturday, June 25, 2016

2015 Pedroncelli Dry Rose Of Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley

The Rose Revolution continues on #winestudio with this offering from Pedroncelli Winery & Vineyards. You couldn't blink while interacting with the winery because the questions and wine facts were flying fast and furious. Made from vines ranging in age from 40-65 years old, the Dry Rose Of Zinfandel is made by combining free run juice from early picked grapes (60% of the blend) and 40% saignée. Fermentation is completed in temp controlled stainless steel with bottling completed a few months after harvest. All this means for us Rose lovers is the freshness of the vintage and vineyard is captured in each bottle. In the 60's and 70's this wine was much sweeter but has become dry over the last 10 yrs with each family generation refinement.

We had a wide range of pairings this evening and I chose a deep dish Chicago pizza but first naturally I had to swirl and sip. The nose was full of strawberry, raspberry with spice and pepper. As the wine warmed in the glass the aromas opened even more. The mouth I found delightful with red berries (strawberry/cranberry) with a hint of citrus zest, slight tartness and that lovely pepper spice on the finish. I could taste a touch of the sweetness, but when paired with the pizza the sweetness said goodbye and the pepper spice became more pronounced along with tart cranberry. A really nice rose my Pedroncelli friends!

Folks tune Tuesday for another Rose tasting on WineStudio!


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