Saturday, November 7, 2009

2008 Seyval Blanc Lynfred Winery

From my last post you all know where Lynfred Winery is located and a litte backround about them. The second sample Lynfred sent me was a white wine made with the seyval blanc grape. The seyval blanc grape as you can imagine is a hybrid grape suited for cool climates (Illinois being in the Midwest)and is primarily grown in England and the Finger Lakes region of New York (I had to research this folks). The grapes harvested for Lynfred's 2008 game from Correll Vineyards in Newton Illinois. Ok enough on the backround you say what did I like about the wine.

Once in the glass the first thing hitting the nose is the smell of fresh peaches followed by citris. You also get the sense prior to taste this is a crisp wine. Can't wait time to drink and taste.

First taste didn't take long to identify that peach flavor. Light not overpowering and followed by a citris fruit flavor. The finish brought out the mineral characteristic of the wine (and the grape). Minerality is so hard to describe but think of it as getting a soda from a fountain at your favorite restaurant minus the syrup (haven't we all had that). Now add the flavors of the wine to it and you get my description. There were some summer days when I really would have loved a glass of this award winning Seyval Blanc from Lynfred Winery. Stop out and say hello to the gang for me and make sure you take a bottle home. I'm sure you will like their wines as much as I do.



The Wine Whore said...

I like your description of minerality in wine!


Cellarmistress said...

I hope I get to try this Seyval Blanc sometime. I am completely addicted to one made locally here in Des Moines and I'd love to try another one just to see what the difference is... I have nothing to compare it to yet.

Anthony said...

You should come down to Missouri and try some of our Seyval wines! My local winery in St. James, MO has an awesome bottle of Vitners Select Seyval that is the best tasting for its price range in my opinion.