Thursday, February 25, 2010

2007 Archery Summit Premier Cuvee Pinot Noir

Couple weeks ago my posts out on the net said that I was very excited to receive samples from Archery Summit in Dayton Oregon. The wine rested long enough after it's travels or I have become impatient take your pick. A big thanks to Chris Nagy and the folks at Archery Summit who by the way if you don't know are one of the finest producers of Pinot Noir in Oregon. "Great winemaking begins in the vineyard" their guidepost since the winery began in 1993. Trust me when I say the wine is as good if not better than advertised.

Once in the glass a beautiful black cherry aroma filled my nose followed by spice. My next breath was if I just stuck my nose in a rose garden which by the way I am an expert on (well only slightly from gardening and purchasing for the 4 lovely women in my family). Really enjoyed breathing in this wine but my mouth was watering.

Excellent flavor with the black cherry from start to finish with a perfect hint of spice. In the middle a quick vanilla and plum combination then right back to cherry. Smooth and elegant with flavors/aromas in absolute harmony. I was hoping this was an endless bottle of fine wine but not the case. A toast to the winemaker and staff for a wonderful creation.

Every Pinot Noir fan should spoil themselves with a bottle or 2 from Archery Summit. I know I will.


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Nigel said...

Agreed. I try to find this at good Iowa restaurants (Chef's Table in IC, for one), and have about 50 percent success. I wish they had wider distribution, but maybe that would ruin the experience. A visit to the vineyard in Dundee was also spectacular.