Sunday, February 7, 2010

2008 Montaluce Chardonnay from Georgia

My next entry comes from the State of Georgia where I assumed the only thing produced was peaches and The Masters. We all know what happens when you assume :)
What a surprise when a friend brought me a bottle of the 2008 Montaluce Chardonnay (hint and you shall receive). Chatted with the folks multiple times plus my new wine friends in Ga bragged about the wine and how good it tasted. Please visit their site
When poured into the glass the aroma of ripe green apple hits your nose like a fresh bowl of fruit. Follow that up by pear and a very crisp smell. I appreciate the absence of oak because the fruit aroma is now enhanced.
Folks this is a very very good chardonnay. Apple in the beginning followed closely by pear and then what I feel makes the wine a lemon citrus finish with a hint of mineral. The flavors blend perfectly together and the wine is very refreshing. I could drink this wine every day all day.
Wine lovers in Georgia or visitors stop out at Montaluce Winery and sample all their varietals. I hope you enjoy their wine as much as I did. Mention the Iowa Wino and give them a big hello.

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Brian said...

The wineries in North Georgia, and especially Montaluce, are leading the way for a growing wine industry. Tiger Mountain, Persimmon Creek, and Three Sisters are few more that are producing some great wines from up in them thar hills.

Thanks for supporting local wines. Cheers!